As-Fck has come into the cannabinoid space seemingly out of nowhere, initially launching with a Delta 8 line of gummies as well as a matching vape cartridge line which consists of Stuck (25mg Delta 8 + CBN), Social (25mg Delta 8 + B12) and Smacked (35mg Delta 8). The company states that they will continue to focus on Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC products that test under the .03 legal limit.

As Fck Full Spectrum D8, D9 & D10 Products are a “whole plant,” or full-plant extract derived from American grown and harvested Industrial Hemp. Our Full Spectrum products contain a majority of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids, which work together to deliver what is known as the “entourage effect.” Together, this combination works synergistically to provide support for consumers and helping to boost overall health and wellness, not to mention the mood you strive for.

We are a team that has been in the industry for over 10 years. We have our fingers into all areas of the cannabinoid industry and have brought together the best of the best to create these products. From scientists, to formulators, to physicians and nutraceutical experts. We came together to bring AF to you.

Quality Products

The Founder

Nah, this isn’t her, lol. We are just a team of a few people who are passionate AF about CBD, Delta 8, 10 and all the cannabinoids. We are a loyal crew. Loyal to each other, true to our product and brave enough to lead you into an elevated lifestyle. See you at the top of the triangle.

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